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#TheFeed: Xandar Kardian; Bryte; & ByondXR

TF256: Xandar Kardian CEO and Co-Founder Sam Yang joins us to talk about their new sensor using radar-based technology to make your smart home or smart office even smarter. Plus, Ely Tsern, Co-Founder and CEO of Bryte discusses restorative sleep and the AI-powered mattresses that enable better sleep patterns. Read More

#TheFeed: Picnyk; NFTs; & ScanMyPhotos

TF255: Keep in contact with your parents and grandparents with Picnyk. CEO, Hayden Dent, reveals their simple approach to keeping seniors connected via talk, text, and video. Plus, we chat about all things NFT with Abram Brown, a Senior Editor at Forbes. Also, we talk to the CEO of digital… Read More

#TheFeed: Onto; Wise; & Oscar Predictions

TF254: It’s a new era of human wearables and Brokoslaw Laschowski, a University of Waterloo PhD candidate, discusses the research to develop exoskeleton legs. Next, we delve into the new all-inclusive electric car subscription and this innovative model from Onto with CEO Rob Jolly. Plus, we talk to Nicholas… Read More

#TheFeed: Unleash Results; Fertility; & Self Publishing

TF253: Jeff Tetz, CEO of Unleash Results, joins us to review the landscape for events over the past year and explain what changes accompanied the shift to hosting virtually. Also, we discover how our environment is impacting fertility with epidemiologist, Dr. Shanna Swan. Plus, we learn how to publish… Read More

#TheFeed: SmartAsset; SketchBox; & Fortune

TF250: Michael Carvin, founder and CEO of SmartAsset, joins us to share their approach to equipping users with the necessary tools for navigating personal finance decisions. Also, we talk to the founder and head of product at SketchBox, Joe Connolly, about implementing virtual reality employee training that eliminates the… Read More

#TheFeed: Arcadia; Xesto; & Fundmetric

TF249: We get an in-depth look at Arcadia, a Montreal-based startup that is combining eSports VR technology with real athletics to get people off the couch. The co-founder and CEO, Christopher Olimpo joins us to explain how. Also, we have Sophie Howe, founder and CEO of Xesto, share their innovative online shoe… Read More

#TheFeed: Gwoop; GameStop Stock; & Clubhouse

TF248: Gavin Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Gwoop, gives us all the details on how they launched training programs to help video game players hone their skills. Also, GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh joins us to breakdown Apple CEO Tim Cook’s speech about upcoming privacy changes regarding sharing iPhone user behavior. Read More