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#TheFeed: Alms; Ai-Da; & Holiday Tech

TF284: Alms is focused on real-world impact and positive change. We talk to the founder, Alexander Nevedovsky, who reveals how the social app is helping to improve the well-being of its users. This week’s Apptastic segment is brought to you by WW. For our top app picks, including the… Read More

#TheFeed: NASA; Nommi; & PORTL

TF284: NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer, Lindley Johnson, divulges the plan to protect earth from asteroids with a first-of-its-kind planetary defence system. Plus, we talk to the Co-Founder and President of Nommi, Buck Jordan, about their robotic kiosks and the future of kitchens. This week’s Apptastic segment is brought to you… Read More