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#TheFeed: Space Junk, Poptronic, & GEDI

Episode coming soon.

TF313: Space Historian, Dwight Steven-Boniecki, joins us for a discussion on “space junk” and what happens to the capsules, space stations, and satellites after they’ve been used. Plus, imagine a future where tech is sustainable and accessible for all. We talk to Kelly Bergeron, Co-Founder of Poptronic, a hardware-rental service that is aiming to do just that. Also, the GEDI mission (Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation) has provided the first 3D map of the world’s forest. Laura Duncanson, a research scientist on the team joins us with details on why this is important and worth extending the mission. In Socially Speaking, we talk about a dating app that only wants you to swipe right — politically that is.

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