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Tony Robbins Joins Us on The Feed on SiriusXM Channel 167

I have a very close circle of extremely talented friends.  However, there are few who are as awesomely motivated as Michael Bancroft.  After working together on App Central, a successful television show that aired around the world, we recently launched our own weekly one-hour tech radio show and podcast called The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B.

July1-TheFeedHere’s a little confession.  While I do a lot of work in front of the camera, my true love is radio.  I’ve hosted and produced radio podcasts for years (starting with net@night with Leo Laporte on  There is something special and personal about the audio listening experience.  Plus, there are many days that I hate spending time on hair and make-up (like today – good thing you can’t see me!).
Over the past few months, we’ve had some phenomenal guests on The Feed.  From my dear tech friends Sarah Lane, Michael Josh, and Luria Petrucci, to start-up entrepreneurs from around the world, each and every week we try to keep international listeners informed and entertained. This summer, Michael booked a special surprise birthday episode for me that included some of my all-time favourite people. Business coach Tony Robbins, Hollywood producer Dana Brunetti, Vine celebrity @brittlestar, and my dear business partner and brother Jeff MacArthur all joined us.
If you haven’t subscribed to The Feed on iTunes, please do so.  You can also listen on Podbean and we’re working to make the show available in other formats.  It also airs Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays on SiriusXM Channel 167.
P.S.  I also have to thank Laura, Tammy, and Jairek for helping to make this birthday episode a success! XO