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Top 10 Stories 2019 from the AmberMac Newsletter

It’s always interesting to see what people click on the most each week in my newsletter. To give you an overview of some of the stories you might have missed, here are the most-clicked links of 2019. There is a theme among these popular articles: Top 5 lists, Email tips, productivity hacks, and privacy warnings.

  1. Best Apps for People Over 50
  2. The Psychology Behind Email Replies
  3. What You Need to Know About Hidden Cameras
  4. My First $1M in Annual Revenue: 5 Steps to Success
  5. 5 Ways Tech Leaders Can Ruin Their Reputations
  6. 10 Hidden Amazon Shopping Tricks
  7. Recording Phone Calls & The Law
  8. What is TikTok?
  9. 5 Clever Gmail Tricks to Minimize Regret
  10. 5 Apps to Supercharge Your Memory

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