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Parrot’s Jumping Race Minidrone Review

The Parrot Jumping Race Minidrone, Max, is easy to use and incredibly fun. Using an app on your smartphone and Parrot’s free FreeFlight 3 app (for iOS and Android), you can make Max jump, roll, and spin to get around, but he’s also got A/V functionality so you can talk and listen through him, as well as watch and record streaming video of what’s in your path.

The minidrone connects to your phone by creating its own wifi network that you log on to in order to control the drone, which gives you some extra range (~50m/165′ without obstacles) over Bluetooth drones. Max can do a high jump and long jump, depending on the need, as well as 180s, 360s, and speed bursts up to 13kmph/8mph. And, while I say “Max” all the time here (since my kids now treat it like the family dog, except that “you have to pick it up like a crab”), you can also get the same minidrone in other colors as well.

The Jumping Race Minidrone costs $150 and Parrot has a bunch of videos on their website to show how to make the most of your minidrone.