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#TheFeed: Timothy Caulfield; Debbie Travis; & Willful

TF290:We have Canada Research Chair of Health Law and Policy at the University of Alberta, Timothy Caulfield, to discuss the infamous Spotify letter urging a crackdown on misinformation about COVID19, with particular focus on The Joe Rogan Experience. Plus, home design expert and international star, Debbie Travis, shares her joy as… Read More

#TheFeed: Labrador Systems; Movano Ring; & CES 2022

TF289: Labrador Systems is showcasing their robotic cart and Mike Dooley, Co-Founder and CEO, explains how it can offer assistance for elderly users and people with limited mobility. Plus, we take a look at the upcoming Movano Ring, which will track your activity, sleep, heart rate, respiration and more with… Read More

#TheFeed: Supernova; Common Sense Media; & Amazon Blue Origin

TF288: Dr. Mona Nemer, Canada’s Chief Science Advisor explains the importance of evidence-based decision making. Plus, Dr. Tom Frieden, President and CEO of the Resolve to Save Lives, joins us to share what we can do better to prepare for the next pandemic. Also, CEO of Supernova, Dominic O’Meara, discusses… Read More

#TheFeed: FlickPlay; Snapchat; & Meta

TF287: Walk the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade in the Metaverse with FlickPlay. We talk to the Founder and CEO, Pierina Merino, who explains the unique partnership with the Downtown Santa Monica District. This week’s Apptastic segment is brought to you by WW. For our top app picks,… Read More

#TheFeed: Eyeread; Dent Reality; & AMPD

 TF286: Olympic athlete for Team Canada, Julia Rivard Dexter, is on a mission to improve literacy with Eyeread: the research-based and adaptive learning platform for kids. This… Read More

Holiday Apps 2021: 5 Picks for a Stress-Free December

Whether it’s holiday decorating, gift giving, or healthy living, many of us could use a little help to make our lives easier during these busy December days. Check out these 5 innovative apps for a stress-free holiday season. Control Holiday Lighting Philips Hue When paired with a… Read More

#TheFeed: Alms; Ai-Da; & Holiday Tech

 TF284: Alms is focused on real-world impact and positive change. We talk to the founder, Alexander Nevedovsky, who reveals how the social app is helping to improve… Read More

Holiday Kids Tech 2021: 5 Gift Ideas for Families

Whether you’re buying a gift for a new parent, searching for tech for a teenager, or keeping kids safe online, here is some of the smartest technology of 2021 for the whole family this holiday season and beyond. Track Baby’s Sleep: Owlet Smart Sock Plus The Owlet Smart… Read More

#TheFeed: NASA; Nommi; & PORTL

TF284: NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer, Lindley Johnson, divulges the plan to protect earth from asteroids with a first-of-its-kind planetary defence system. Plus, we talk to the Co-Founder and President of Nommi, Buck Jordan, about their robotic kiosks and the future of kitchens. This week’s Apptastic segment is brought to… Read More

#TheFeed: Tobii Tech; NortonLifeLock; & Smart Home Tech

TF283: Anand Srivatsa, CEO of Tobii Tech joins us to talk about how they are bringing their eye-tracking tech to the iPad with the TD Pilot, which will turn Apple’s tablet into a powerful all-in-one tool for people with physical impairments. Plus, we learn how important a VPN is… Read More