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Tech for Seniors: My Top 3 Picks

June is Seniors Month, a time to celebrate and support seniors in our community. If you know an older adult who loves technology – or maybe that’s you – here are some of my top picks. Kardia Mobile Personal EKG Monitor at Best Buy Canada At Best Buy Canada, you’ll… Read More

Apple’s WWDC June 2024 Keynote

Apple had a lot of software-related announcements at its (too-long) June 2024 WWDC keynote and we’ll touch on some of the bigger ones below. Apple Intelligence This was kinda/sorta positioned as the “one more thing” moment but basically it’s Apple’s secure version of AI built into your iPhone, iPad,… Read More

#TheFeed: Meta AI Trains On Your Data + A Clean(er) Economy

Amber and Michael discuss the following topics with their guests: how AI can help make building safer; new tech and a much-needed clean economy; how to sell secondhand stuff; and why airplane turbulence is getting worse. This week’s episode of #TheFeed is powered by the Save on Energy Peak Perks… Read More

#TheFeed: Google AI Growth + Better Wellness Habits

Amber and Michael discuss the following topics with their guests: an XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition finalist from Canada; Arca, the future of green mobility with BMW; how an app plans to help you develop better wellness habits; and why Facebook and Instagram are under formal investigation in the EU. This… Read More

#TheFeed: Ukraine’s AI Spokesperson + Growing Your AI Skills

Amber and Michael discuss the following topics with their guests: how quantum computing is paving the way for clean drinking water; the rise of climate disasters on the big screen; how Google wants Canadians to grow their skills in AI; and thoughts on the future of AI labeling on TikTok. Read More

Apple’s May 2024 iPad Event

Apple’s May 2024 event was pretty much entirely focused on iPads and related accessories. The half-hour presentation featured mostly hardware, but we also got to hear a couple of very cool nuggets about updates to the iPadOS versions of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Let’s start with the hardware:… Read More

Earth Day 2024 Tips for a Greener Future

For decades, the world has been celebrating Earth Day, a chance to have coordinated conversations about our climate and our future. To further share some of the most innovative products on the market in 2024, here are my top tips and picks. Buy a carbon neutral laptop: Asus Zenbook S13… Read More