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Trident Case Guards for Apple Watch

If you’re looking for holiday ideas for someone with a smartwatch then you might want to check out the wide variety of protective covers or cases as a potential gift. Without breaking the bank (and many available at big box electronic and other stores for last-minute gifts), these make it very easy to change up the look of a variety of smartwatches by giving them interchangeable covers that also provide some additional protection.

I’ve been trying the Trident Case Guard series, which comes in a 3 pack of navy blue, black and white for the 42mm Apple Watch (including Edition and Sport versions), or pink, black and white for the 38mm version, each retailing for around $15 USD. The soft silicone style material covers the original watch casing (useful if you’re not so into that rose gold finish you got on an impulse) but leaves the digital crown and side button accessible for easy use.

If you’re not an Apple Watch person then there are also tons of great case options on the market for Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches as well, just make sure you find out which type of watch (including size!) the person you’re buying for owns and you’ll have a great small gift or stocking stuffer idea ready to go!