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4 Apps & Hacks to Keep Kids Safe on Global TV

Thanks to Global TV Toronto & Montreal for having me on over the past few days to talk about our new book Outsmarting Your Kids Online. For anyone who missed these (or those who saw and want the links), here are the apps and hacks I mentioned.

  1. Manage Screentime On All Devices: Get Kidslox for Screentime Management (iOS, Android, Windows) – $9.99
  2. Monitor Social Media For Issues: Try VISR for Social Monitoring for your pre-teens and teens. VISR makes it easy to monitor their accounts without obsessing over them 24/7 (iOS, Android) – Free
  3. Discover Kid-Friendly Apps for Family-Friendly Content: This PG app includes all the characters and shows your children already love, such as Stampylonghead and Sesame Street. Download YouTube Kids for Family-Friendly Videos (iOS, Android) – Free
  4. Create a Family Contract for Online Safety: Check out the SafeKids website to get a family contract template that both you and your kids must sign.

To find out even more great tips, pick up a copy of Outsmarting Your Kids Online.