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Mother’s Day: Top 5 Tech Gifts Ideas

I recently did a quick search for Mother’s Day tech gifts, and I got the feeling that many of the articles were written by men. Let’s just say there are quite a few laptops, gaming systems, and portable chargers on the lists I found. While these items are all important, there are plenty more functional and fashionable picks available for mom.

Here are my top 5 tech gifts for Mother’s Day 2017.

Wifi Coffee Maker (Mr. Coffee ~$200)

  • Brew from bed with free Wemo app (iOS, Android)
  • Adjust brew time and set up reminders from within the app
  • Set a weekly schedule to life hack your days and save time
  • Get reminded if your coffee maker needs assistance (e.g. empty the carafe)

Smartphone Photo Printer (HP Sprocket ~$130)

  • Print 2×3 photos on sticky-back paper from your smartphone with free companion app (iOS & Android)
  • Connect via Bluetooth, printer is small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Connect to social media photos / use your own photos / add borders and emojis
  • Available in black and white / comes with 10-pack paper

Smart Outdoor Garden Lights (Playbulb Garden ~$50 each)

  • LED solar-powered lights to pretty up your backyard or garden (they need about 8-10 hours of sunlight to charge)
  • Control lighting tone with the free app (iOS, Android) from 20-ft away for different mood / color
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue, White

Smartphone Dock & Vase (Uncommon Goods ~$45)

  • Convenient opening located at the front of the dock to thread your phone’s existing cord when your device needs to charge up at night
  • Perfect for bedside table or kitchen (part-dock, part-vase)
  • Made from cork and stoneware clay
  • Handmade in Pittsburgh by a husband-and-wife team
  • Preferred shipping available (order now for 2-day shipping)

Mother’s Day Movie (Google FREE)

  • Using load Google Photos, upload family photos so the tool can auto-magically select best pics of mom and kids (using facial recognition) for the perfect Mother’s Day movie
  • Tool will add music to personalize the video featuring your favorite memories
  • Edit movie (remove or add photos) using the free app (iOS / Android)

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