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Earth Day Tech 2022: 5 Tips, Tools, & Products

Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd, so it’s a good time to learn about making sustainable choices for your home and the planet. Here are five new green-friendly tech tips, tools, and product with a focus on a better future.

Save Energy with a Smart Thermostat

ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control

• Adapts to owner’s routine to reduce energy costs when you’re away

• Includes eco+, a suite of features that supercharges the SmartThermostat to help you save energy, including automatically heating or cooling when electricity is cheaper and cleaner

• Helps users save up to 26% on annual heating and cooling costs

• Comes with one SmartSensor in the box and add SmartSensor for doors and windows, so if  a window or door is open, it will turn off AC and notify you

• Voice assistant options including Alexa and Siri

Choose a TV with Eco-Friendly Features

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

• SolarCell remote that is 88% more efficient than the previous model and battery-free to prevent battery waste

• Samsung TVs and remote controls are made with recycled plastic

• Upcycle your eco-packaging into small, versatile pieces of furniture, or scan the QR code on the outside of the box and build cat houses, magazine racks or even shelves.

• By 2025, all Samsung TV models (including this one) will operate on near zero standby power, so they will consume almost no energy when not in use

Print with a Focus on Sustainability

HP ENVY Inspire Printer and HP+ Smart Printing System

• HP uses recycled content to make 100% of original HP toner cartridges

• HP Instant Ink (subscription) requires less packaging and fewer shipments

• HP+ Smart Printing System ensures the printer is ready when you need it

• Technology built into the product and sustainability built into every step

Avoid Power Vampires with an Energy Strip

Eve Energy Strip

• Lets you turn on any device independently via the app, individually or simultaneously

• Built-in schedules for anything plugged into the Eve Energy Strip, so devices can work autonomously

• Set lights to turn on when you arrive and off when you leave to save energy and avoid power vampires (products sucking energy in standby mode, which account for 10% of household energy consumption)

• Understand your energy consumption by the day, week, and month

Get On-the-Go Power from the Sun

GoalZero Venture 35 and Nomad 10 Solar Kit

• Get on-the-go power from the sun

• Nomad 10 connects to the Venture 35 for a quick charge from the sun and simply folds away for convenient storage

• Nomad 10 can power phones, fitness trackers, and small USB devices

• Power up the Venture 35 in only 3 hours

• Rugged enclosure with an easy-to-use kickstand, USB output, and 8mm cord for solar connectivity

Thank you to our brand partners that are supporting this Earth Day Tech Campaign: Samsung Canada, ecobee, HP Canada, GoalZero, and Eve.