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Great Gift Ideas from the 15secTech Vault

We’ll be doing a lot more product reviews over the next few weeks as part of the AmberMac Holiday Guide, but to kick things off, we thought we’d take a look back at three cool products we’ve covered in the past year that haven’t made it over to the site yet.

Axent Cat Ear Headphones

Multicolored LED #Cat Ear #Headphones? Axent has you covered – @jeffmacarthur on #15secTech

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If you want your headphones to stand out, check out Axent’s Cat Ear Headphones, which, in addition to their unique shape, include independently controlled LED lights. Available in blue, green, purple, and red, you can pick up a pair at Brookstone for around $100. – Jeff MacArthur

Griffin PowerDock

The PowerDock 5 from Griffin has 5 USB slots for charging devices simultaneously. It delivers 10 watts of power and can handle up to 5 tablets at once and, since you’ll need to provide your own cables (there’s a little guide to keep them tidy), you can use the PowerDock for any devices that use a USB cable, including Lightning, Micro-USB, etc.. I also love that it comes boxed with an interchangeable plug for use in the EU, UK, Japan, or wherever else I might travel. – Lara Killian

Cubetto Coding Toy Robot

Cubetto is a wooden robot toy that helps kids 3 and up learn about programming using colored coding blocks and a map. With no screen and no reading required, the Cubetto platform transcends spoken language and can even be used by the visually impaired. – Jeff MacArthur