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Protect Your Kids with KidsWifi

Parents know that it’s tough to manage where your child is going online but thanks to a new product called Kids Wifi, things can be a little easier! The KidsWifi device lets you manage internet access from a simple dashboard (see my video below to check it out) where you can control the following things (and more):

  • promote health screen time through connection limits (including bedtime controls);
  • filter adult/mature content (including Google searches and YouTube videos); and
  • review sites visited by your kids (so you can talk with them about any issues).

Setup is easy: just plug in your KidsWifi anda new WiFi network is created that is easily controlled, monitored, and filtered by you to keep your kids safe online. It works on all devices that connect to that network. You’ll be able to block any websites and social networks you want to, as well as disable ad trackers and enable safe searching, You can limit screen time by setting up internet bedtimes to prevent late night browsing or pause the internet for meal or study times, and, best of all, there are automatic updates and no additional purchases required.

To put it simply, this device makes it so that everything your child does on the Internet can be monitored and controlled from your smartphone or computer. Kids Wifi costs just $99 and can save you from hours of arguments with your kids. To learn more about it, see my video below and check out their website at