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#TheFeed: YouTube Labels AI + Supercharging Canada’s Battery Industry

Amber and Michael discuss the following topics with their guests: a new facility coming to Nova Scotia will supercharge Canada’s battery researchers; a networking platform for the future of work; new money that’s helping Canada’s AI ecosystem; and a deep dive into the aftermath of Don Lemon’s Elon Musk interview. Read More

#TheFeed: Ryan Sells Mint for 1.35B & Understanding EV Adoption Impacts

TF337: Raphael Crawford-Marks, CEO of Bonusly, talks about how they are helping HR departments make more informed decisions in allowing employees to recognize their peers’ work. Bruce Hodges, co-founder and CEO of Parachute, shares how they help people consolidate their debt and give them tools to get them on a… Read More

#TheFeed: Will TikTok Get Banned, Celebrating PI Day, & More

TF336: To meet the demand of electric vehicles it will take billions of tons of cobalt, lithium, copper, and other materials. Gerard Barron, CEO of Metals Company, joins us to talk about how they are looking to the ocean’s floor to find those essential metals. With Pi Day coming up soon,… Read More