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Tech for Seniors: My Top 3 Picks

June is Seniors Month, a time to celebrate and support seniors in our community. If you know an older adult who loves technology – or maybe that’s you – here are some of my top picks.

Kardia Mobile Personal EKG Monitor at Best Buy Canada

At Best Buy Canada, you’ll find the high-tech products you need at any stage of life, such as devices to stay connected, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Speaking of health, the Kardia Mobile Personal EKG monitor makes it easy to check in on your heart health at home. This device is portable and compact, so in just 30 seconds it can record a medical-grade EKG that you can then download and email to your doctor to stay on top of your health.

It works with the Kardia app so you can store the readings on your phone. There are no patches or wires or gels required, just place your fingers on the sensors and get results in seconds.  You can find this device on or in-store at Best Buy locations. Try their Quick and Easy Store Pickup and you can get your order in as little as 1 hour.

TP-Link Tapo C120 Security Cam

The TP-Link Tapo C120 is a security camera that works indoors or outdoors. There’s a magnetic base and an extra long power cord for easy installation. Now you or your family member can keep an eye on your home. You can even record your own audio as an alarm.

The picture is clear during the day and night, so you won’t miss a thing. Smart AI technology detects and identifies people, pets, and vehicles, sending you only relevant notifications while effectively avoiding unnecessary alerts. For example, if you have a parent living alone and you’re monitoring their home, you can distinguish between a delivery vehicle or an ambulance arriving at their house.  This helps to ensure everyone is safe inside.

Uber Family Profiles for Ride Management

When my parents are visiting me at my home in Toronto, I love the Family Profile option in the Uber app. This means I can add my mom or dad to my account and easily request a ride on their behalf. For example, if one of them has a doctor’s appointment, I can request a car for them, track their trip status, and see their estimated time of arrival.

A relative that accepts an invite to join my Family Profile can also enjoy the convenience of requesting rides themselves from their phone or the website app with streamlined billing to the Family Profile account and safety notifications. Thanks to this Family Profile account setup, my parents have the independence they need and a safe option to travel to wherever they need to go anywhere in the world where Uber is available.

We will be talking about theses picks and more on TV stations across Canada throughout the month and thanks to our partners for their support!