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#TheFeed: Virtual Reality; Develop for Good; & KYTE

TF244: Jeremy Dalton, head of XR at PwC UK and author of Reality Check: How Immersive Technologies Can Transform Your Business, joins us to reveal how companies can integrate Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into their businesses. Also, we talk to the Co-Founder of Develop for Good, Amay Aggarwal, about how their matching service is designed to connect motivated and ambitious undergraduates in computer science, design and economics to nonprofits with specific projects that require expertise. Plus, we look into a platform that provides car rentals to those in need of a vehicle. Founder of KYTE, Ludwig Schoenack, shares how they are making this possible by providing delivery directly to a customer’s front door. In Socially Speaking, we question if shaming public figures who straddle COVID rules is an appropriate action.

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