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UNICEF Gifts from Under $20

If you’re just starting your holiday shopping list, consider a few items from UNICEF’s Survival Gifts guide. These items will help children living in areas affected by poverty, conflict, or natural disaster. They are also helping to fight disease, with UNICEF recently sharing on Twitter that approximately “920,000 children died from #pneumonia in 2015 – that’s more than from malaria, TB, measles and AIDS combined”.

Their Gifts Under $20 list, for example, includes items such as emergency blankets ($17), school essentials ($19), a newborn kit ($20). When you order from this list or any other holiday list, they can include a description of the gift for the recipient on a printed card with envelope, printable PDF card, or personalized e-card. So check them out…

Note: All of the Survival Gifts purchases quality for a tax receipt.

In 2015, these were the most popular gifts from the UNICEF Survival Gifts:  bed nets, Plump’Nut, vaccine pack, urgent aid, and school essentials bundles.  Although we have a lot of work to do, UNICEF wants you to know that in the past 25 years child deaths have been reduced by more than half, vaccination programs have let to a 79 percent drop in measles infections, and malaria deaths among children have fallen by 58 percent since 2000.