Virtual Keynote Speaking

Following is the most popular keynote I’ve delivered since the pandemic began, with a sample video clip below.

Relentless Adaptation in the Age of COVID-19: 4 Tech Trends & Lessons to Thrive in Chaos

In this interactive presentation, Amber Mac will take audiences on a visual journey to demonstrate how our world is changing during today’s pandemic and why that’s fuelling an acceleration of technology that will change the future forever. No matter what industry you’re in, that means that rapid digitization is a must. While this presentation is eye-opening, it also includes practical lessons and invaluable tools that are critical for success.

  • Amber is the absolute professional you would wish an anchor/host to be. Not only is she thorough in her preparation, but she is able to take last-minute changes in stride. To the viewer you would never know that anything had not been intended such is her skill at working around issues… Her studio is beautiful & has the flexibility to change into many different styles. I can only recommend Amber as the perfect anchor/host.
    John Kershaw Virtual Event Director
  • Amber delivered the keynote session at our annual conference for a second year in a row. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive & many commented on how engaging the session was. There were multiple requests from attendees to have Amber speak again, which would make it 3 years in a row - amazing!
    Aman Sahota Focused Education Resources
  • It's fitting that we started the Symposium on this topic, as I was wondering how I would feel or if I would even enjoy this media in lieu of attending the conference - and much to my surprise, it was better than I imagined. It was like having Amber right in my living room & having a discussion one-on-one.
    Canadian Payroll Association Virtual Symposium