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5 Ways to Use Google Home for the Holidays

With Google Home in my house, I feel like I have an extra set of hands to make my life easier. I have Google Home in my main floor living room and Google Home Mini upstairs outside our bedrooms.

When people ask me about Google Assistant, the software that powers Google Home, they often think about it as a productivity tool. While this statement is accurate, this smart speaker is also loads of fun for families during the holiday months and beyond (incidentally, my parents just came to visit for one week, and walked away with one of our Google Home Minis because they loved it so much).

Whether you’re 8 or 80, below are a few festive Google Home tips to try.

Organize Shopping Lists

  1. Open Google Home app on your mobile device
  2. Create a new list “Holiday Gifts” and make it your Primary list
  3. Say “OK Google, add Google Home Mini” to Holiday Gifts Shopping List

Organize Trivia Night

  1. Say “OK Google, play trivia”.
  2. Tell Google Home how many people want to play
  3. Walk through picking names for players

Easy Recipe Ideas

  1. Search for a recipe in Google on your mobile device
  2. When you find one in the carousel, tap Send to Google Home
  3. Say “OK Google, start recipe” to get step-by-step instructions
  4. Find out more here

Play Holiday Tunes

  1. “OK Google, play holiday music.”
  2. Enjoy!

Change Mood Lighting

  1. Purchase a Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance A19 Starter Kit & use three lightbulbs in home lamps
  2. Download Philips Hue app for Android or iOS
  3. Go to Google home and select Home control
  4. Tap “add new device” and select Philips Hue and pair Hue bridge
  5. Say “OK Google, change lights to red.”
  6. Remember, you can use these lights all year long so it’s a smart home investment

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