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#TheFeed: Discriminator Doc; Zebra; & Loop Returns

TF270: If you are worried about oversharing online, check out the new documentary, Discriminator, as we chat with the director Brett Gaylor. Plus, CEO of Zebra, Dennis Gecaj, reveals the app where users share “talking photos” with friends. Also, CEO of Loop Returns, Jonathan Poma, joins us to discuss solving… Read More

#TheFeed: Halla; Lollipop AI; & Talkshoplive

TF269: Henry Michaelson, CTO and President of Halla, joins us to talk about their taste intelligence platform that uses previous purchases to steer online shoppers towards grocery items. Plus, plan your grocery shopping and save time with the Lollipop AI. CEO Tom Foster-Carter reveals how the grocery marketplace works. Also,… Read More

#TheFeed: Shopify; Hour One; & Cadoo

TF268: We talk to Courtney Symons, the Editor in Chief at Shopify, about their free Business Starter Kit exclusively designed for kids. Plus, Hour One’s CEO, Oren Aharon, joins us to explain how they can create on-screen lifelike presenters using artificial intelligence that can speak any pre-set text, complete… Read More

#TheFeed: Get in the Loop; Sensical; & Mighty

TF267: Matt Crowell, CEO of Get in the Loop, joins us to talk about their partnership with BenefitHub wherein local offers will be included for BenefitHub members who receive discounts, benefits, and rewards via the employee lifestyle benefit hub. Plus, Bloomberg’s Naomi Nix gives us the details on the Pentagon’s… Read More

#TheFeed: Thinking Huts; Orbite; & WhereIsMyTransport

TF266: Maggie Grout is on a mission to build schools out of 3-D printed material through her nonprofit company, Thinking Huts. She joins us to share how this technology is helping decrease construction time from months to days for millions of displaced students in underprivileged communities around the world. Read More

#TheFeed: Candela; NUE Life; & Self-Driving Tech

TF265: The Feed’s tech specialist, Marc Saltzman, joins us to share some great gifts for Dad and the gadgets and games that will keep the family entertained all summer. Plus, Candela’s founder and CEO, Gustav Hasselskog, reveals how their new P-12 electric hydrofoil water taxi will change the transportation… Read More

#TheFeed: BlackBerry; Central Toronto Academy’s 6IX; & ZOE

TF264: BlackBerry is helping keep data safe around the world and the CTO, Charles Eagan, joins us to talk about how they are innovating security. Plus, Creative Director of Central Toronto Academy’s 6IX program, Beckie Di Leo, discusses how their program provides students in grades 11 and 12 the… Read More

#TheFeed: BigBrain; Amazon Unbound; & Robot Ethics

TF262: BigBrain’s CEO Nik Bonaddio joins us to chat about the app that allows you to compete against the world in live trivia contests for real-money prizes. Plus, we talk to Dr. Kate Darling, a Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab, about her new book The New Breed: What… Read More

#TheFeed: Brittlestar; ABS Fitness; & Telus

TF261: We take a look at hits and misses when it comes to celebrities and social media with our friend Brittlestar. Plus, Alison Beder Solway, founder of ABS Fitness, provides us with five top tips to help with your at-home and virtual fitness. Also, Sandy McIntosh, Executive Vice-President of… Read More