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#TheFeed: New iPhone Coming & Bad AI Bosses

TF352: Why we need AI guardrails to protect the future of business. Where you will meet AI in your next job hunt and you can avoid the discrimination. Checking out new tech for school with Marc Saltzman. Why AI could be your next boss from hell. Listen to the episode… Read More

#TheFeed: Threads On The Big Screen & Tech For A Smooth September

  TF350: Understanding the role of generative AI in the financial services. Tech tips and tools for a smooth September. A virtual-reality headset to help you with your reading by eliminating distractions. We dive into the controversial Jordan Peterson and why he has to go back to school for social… Read More

#TheFeed: Drones Deliver UK Mail & Taylor Swift on Social

TF350: Fully electric drones deliver mail in the UK. How Canadians are considering the risks and opportunities associated with AI technology. What a Taylor Swift concert tells us about the darkness of the online world. Why climate change is changing a leak detection business in a race for the future. Read More

#TheFeed: AI? Grammys say no but politicians say yes!

TF347: Google is making money by misdirecting ads. Can ‘borderless hiring’ help your company stay competitive? New tech to keep kids occupied on road trips. How AI images are changing the face of politics. Listen to the episode through the Podbean player above, subscribe to The… Read More

#TheFeed: Apple Shows Vision & New Tech For Dads

TF345: Better energy efficiency through detecting heat emissions with infrared sensors and satellites, and Marc Saltzman is back with the latest tech for Father’s Day. We also talk about making patient transfer easier for everyone via a robotic patient transfer platform, plus tech to help clear the air in your… Read More

#TheFeed: TikTok Sues Montana & Tech Gives Seniors Independence

TF344: Is the Canuckle Wordle competitor Canadian enough? Plus, how to boost company morale in the age of remote work. We also talk about tech that gives seniors the independence they want and what the US Surgeon General says about social media and then next generation. Listen to the episode… Read More