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#TheFeed: Elmo Goes Viral + Improving Women’s Healthcare With AI

TF368: Amber and Michael discuss the following topics with their guests: putting AI guardrails in place around the world; how technology can be used to grow your business; how AI is being used to improve healthcare for women; and we talk about what a former OpenAI board member says about… Read More

#TheFeed: Volocopter; Big Tech; & Incredible Health

TF231: Reserve your ticket for the first ride in the Volocopter’s public electric air taxi. CEO Florian Reuter joins us to talk about how their urban air mobility company took flight. Plus, we have tech executive, entrepreneur, investor and author, Maëlle Gavet, to provide her take on how big… Read More

#TheFeed: Wello Healthcare; Care by Volvo; & Virtual Reality

TF155: We speak to Vince Danielsen, CEO of Wello, on the benefits of virtual healthcare, including providing access anywhere and at any time. We also dive into the future of work, what impact technology has moving forward, and what skills will be needed. Plus, Alexander Lvovich from Volvo talks to us… Read More