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#TheFeed: Warning Labels for Social Media + AI Help With Your Inbox

#TF383: Amber and Michael discuss the following topics with their guests: keeping your digital assets safe after you’re gone; everything you need to know about Apple Intelligence; an AI-powered email app that helps you fly through your inbox; and the latest tech for seniors aging in place. Listen to the… Read More

Tech for Seniors: My Top 3 Picks

June is Seniors Month, a time to celebrate and support seniors in our community. If you know an older adult who loves technology – or maybe that’s you – here are some of my top picks. Kardia Mobile Personal EKG Monitor at Best Buy Canada At Best Buy Canada, you’ll… Read More

#TheFeed: TikTok Sues Montana & Tech Gives Seniors Independence

TF344: Is the Canuckle Wordle competitor Canadian enough? Plus, how to boost company morale in the age of remote work. We also talk about tech that gives seniors the independence they want and what the US Surgeon General says about social media and then next generation. Listen to the episode… Read More