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This Is Mining: Season 4 (Fall 2023)

The fourth season of our award-winning This Is Mining podcast premiered in fall 2023 – see below for episode details.

  1. The Sudbury Mine Life Tour: Join me, Amber Mac, on my very first trip underground at a mine in Sudbury, Ontario! I went 1.5km underground – that’s nearly 3 CN Towers deep into the earth! It wasn’t like anything I could have imagined. Along my trip, I connected with Shawn Sauve, Mobile Equipment Specialist; Alex Mulloy, Carbon Specialist; Christiane Gasteiger, Integrated Remote Operating Centre Superintendent, and Don Duval, tech entrepreneur and mining futurist.
  2. Reflecting Indigenous Culture, Heritage and Identity in the Workplace: Dawn Madahbee Leach, Chair of the National Indigenous Economic Development Board, joins us to talk about the power of resource development partnerships and careers as a route to prosperity and reconciliation in action for Indigenous peoples. We are also joined by Clyde Moonias, a member of the  Neskantaga First Nation, who’s embarking on his career ‘close to home,’ as the Health, Safety & Environment Coordinator at Wyloo’s Esker Site in Northern Ontario (formerly Ring of Fire Metals).
  3. Ending the Stigma Around Skilled Trades: Ontario is facing the largest labour shortage in a generation, particularly in skilled trades. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development in Ontario wants young people across Ontario to know that careers in the skilled trades are meaningful, well-paying and in-demand. We are also joined by Kendra Liinamaa, a young millwright working at a nickel mine in Sudbury, Ontario, who describes how she overcame her own stigma to pursue her career in skilled trades.
  4. De-Bunking the Myths of Working in Mining: A career in mining is not what you think it is. Does your perception of mining today reflect the realities on the ground (or underground?) Let’s get into the facts with Ryan Montpellier, Executive Director of the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR). We are also joined by Cara Rockwood, an environmental scientist pursuing a career in mining, who is challenging her peers (and even professors!) to think of mining as an environmental field.
  5. How To Talk To Kids About Their Futures: Let’s talk about the most important resource on earth: people. Todd Hirsh, the Modern Economist, helps us understand the current labour shortage in Canada and how we can talk to young people about their futures. We are also joined by Veronica Knott, a young mining engineer who’s found her passion and home in Canada’s mining industry.
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