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Amber & Jus Reign Driving Toronto in Gizmo-Filled Ride

I had a lot of fun on this ride with internet star Jus Reign, who gave me a lift to an #OYKO event. Check it out on Toronto Life’s YouTube and post below…

“Amber MacArthur, who you might know better as Amber Mac, might just be Toronto’s foremost tech guru. Thankfully, she insists she’s here to help: her new book, “Outsmarting Your Kids Online,” is a handbook for parents who probably know less about everything digital than their kids do. But when we had internet all-star Jus Reign pick MacArthur up in a gizmo-filled Ford Edge to take her to her book launch, Jus began to get the sneaking suspicion that she might be a “robot activist”—maybe a full-fledged robot—and not necessarily on human beings’ side after all.”