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Tech for Seniors: My Top 3 Picks

June is Seniors Month, a time to celebrate and support seniors in our community. If you know an older adult who loves technology – or maybe that’s you – here are some of my top picks. Kardia Mobile Personal EKG Monitor at Best Buy Canada At Best Buy Canada, you’ll… Read More

Apple’s WWDC June 2024 Keynote

Apple had a lot of software-related announcements at its (too-long) June 2024 WWDC keynote and we’ll touch on some of the bigger ones below. Apple Intelligence This was kinda/sorta positioned as the “one more thing” moment but basically it’s Apple’s secure version of AI built into your iPhone, iPad,… Read More

Apple’s May 2024 iPad Event

Apple’s May 2024 event was pretty much entirely focused on iPads and related accessories. The half-hour presentation featured mostly hardware, but we also got to hear a couple of very cool nuggets about updates to the iPadOS versions of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Let’s start with the hardware:… Read More

Earth Day 2024 Tips for a Greener Future

For decades, the world has been celebrating Earth Day, a chance to have coordinated conversations about our climate and our future. To further share some of the most innovative products on the market in 2024, here are my top tips and picks. Buy a carbon neutral laptop: Asus Zenbook S13… Read More

AmberMac 2024 Trends Report: Relentless Transformation

My 2023 Amber Mac Trends Report (published last January) featured four pillars of change – Purpose, AI, Trust, and Health – and a framework for survival – a blueprint I call The P.A.T.H. One year later, what surprises me is how quickly this change is happening, and how it puts… Read More

2023 Holiday Guide: Smart Home Tech With Amber Mac

Smart home tech is getting smarter and more affordable this holiday season (everything below is under $500 – while sales last). Here are some of the hottest new products for any budget or wish list, and the perfect upgrades for a stress-free, smooth, and safe 2024. See Guests &… Read More

2023 Holiday Guide: Tech for Teens with Amber Mac

If you’re starting your holiday shopping early this year and you have a teenager on your list, tech expert and mom Amber Mac is here with her all-new 2023 Holiday Guide: Tech for Teens. For the Creative Family: Cricut Joy Xtra Cricut is the leading brand of smart-cutting machines for… Read More

New iPhones & Apple Watches at Apple’s September 2023 Event

Apple’s September 2023 event kept things pretty focused, with a lot of references to the considerable (and impressive and commendable) environment efforts Apple has been making (check out the “Mother Nature” video from the event – it’s pretty entertaining), but came down to just two things: new… Read More

Back-to-School Tech for Teens: 2023 Tips & Tools

Canadian kids are heading back to school in just a few days. For me, that means getting my son ready for his first year of high school with these 4 tech tips and tools for a smooth September. Choose a backpack-friendly durable laptop The ASUS Zenbook S… Read More

The Hottest New Tech of the Summer 2023

Whether you’re heading out on a road trip or sticking closer to home, we’ve got some of the hottest new tech of the summer for you right here. Check out the list below to help get the most out of the next few months thanks to robots, AI, games, photography,… Read More