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Noun Project Icons & Apps

Finding the perfect icon to represent something on your website or design project can be hard, but a community of dedicated designers and illustrators is aiming to make it a lot easier. The Noun Project is a searchable database of icons created with one purpose: to try to provide a simple but robust visual language that’s easily available for anyone to use online. Payment options are varied and fair:

  • subscribe for $9.99/month to get unlimited royalty-free icons;
  • purchase royalty-free icons for $1.99 each; or
  • give attribution to the designer to use many of the icons for free.

In addition to their very functional website, the Noun Project has a desktop application for Mac (available with the above monthly subscription option) and has recently launched the free Nounji app for the new iMessage, which lets you easily use their icons in your text messages as well.

New icons are added to the Noun Project every day and are downloads are available as PNG or SVG files, depending on whether you want raster or vector files. Finally, a percentage of revenues goes back to the artists who created them, so not only is this an extremely useful online tool, it’s also sustainable for the artists involved. Check it out at!