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Marketing Disrupted 06: The Little Companies That Could

In this episode, Brent and Amber speak with Christopher Riccobono, Founder, and Aaron Sanandres, CEO and Co-Founder, of UNTUCKit, a company that solved a little-discussed problem most men had: finding perfect length shirts. UNTUCKit is part of a new wave of consumer disruption brands, like Warby Parker and Endy, that took on some big, established competitors and quickly scaled.

How do these brands continue to grow? Must they disrupt themselves? And why is this a necessary skill going forward, in a market where the next big thing is almost always unforeseen? They also talk to Arati Sharma, Director of Product and Offline Marketing at Shopify, about how the e-commerce giant grew so big, so fast, and why she believes selling successfully online still requires the in-person touch.

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