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Meeting One of the People Behind Bitdefender 2019: Raluca Para

This profile is part of a series I’m writing to highlight the people behind Bitdefender 2019, which is a 4-in-1 cybersecurity suite for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Each blog post will include one of their stories and how they work, live, and play to protect the world. Here’s part of Raluca’s interview…

“Bitdefender is offering protection for the entire family: dad’s PC, mom’s laptop, children’s smartphones and consoles, IoT fridges and blenders, smart light bulbs, webcams, and many more. The coolest thing is that Bitdefender is protecting even your guests, by using Bitdefender BOX (an IoT solution for connected devices). [My favorite Bitdefender Total Security 2019 feature is Parental Control and] I believe that this feature is a step forward in the development of the modern family. The threats from the physical world have moved online, and the child’s emotional safety is as important as his physical safety.”

Read more here about Raluca and how she joined the team at Bitdefender.